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Purchase – Sales – Repair

Purchase – Sales – Repair

Who are we?

Hommerin Pallets BV is a company that focuses on the trade / production and delivery of pallets in Oosterhout and surrounding areas. The company was founded in 2004 and has since built a strong reputation in the pallet industry.

Hommerin Pallets BV has modern machinery and uses only high-quality materials in the production of its pallets. The company trades various types of pallets in the broadest sense, including Europallets, CP pallets and div.100 x 120 cm , 80 x 120 cm and custom pallets.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Hommerin Pallets BV, and the company is proud of the long-term relationships it has built with customers. By constantly investing in product and service quality, Hommerin Pallets remains a leading player in the pallet industry.


Pallet sorting machine


For this, we have a modern pallet sorting machine on site to provide you with faster and optimal service and to relieve our repairers and sorters of more heavy physical work .

International transport

If required, the pallets produced can also conform to ISPM-15 standards, which means they are suitable for international transport and meet the requirements for treatment against insects and mold.




Besides the production of pallets, Hommerin Pallets BV also offers a wide range of pallet-related services.

Repair / collection and disposal

Thus, the company can provide pallet repair, collection and disposal of used pallets to reduce and recycle waste and supply new pallets also with non-standard and standard sizes .

Hommerin Pallets BV has its own transport to ensure that the pallets are delivered on time and to the right location.


Hommerin Pallets BV is committed to sustainability and has therefore established its own sustainability policy. The company has invested and uses only wood from sustainably managed forests. The company is also working with partners to reduce CO2 emissions have themselves electric forklifts and trucks with euro6 engines.

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