CP Pallets

CP Pallets, or chemistry pallets, are mainly used in the European chemical industry, although they can also be used in other industries. The pallets are characterized by the smooth structure, which prevents dirt and dust from adhering. In addition, they are therefore maintenance-friendly, because they are easier to clean. They are produced in 9 formats (CP1 to CP9). The difference is in the construction of the pallet.

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Types of CP Pallets

These CP pallets are characterized by the open design. This makes them suitable for transporting bagged goods and boxes. The difference between the two pallets is in the bottom deck. The CP6 pallet is more suitable for the transport of stacked products.

Download specification CP1 – German

Download specification CP1 – English

Download specification CP6 – German

Download specification CP6 – English

The CP3 has a bottom deck with an open design, while the CP9 has a circumferential flat-working bottom deck. Nowadays often obtained through a milled bottom bar, but also available with filling batts. Both versions are ideal for loading bagged goods, octabins, drums and big bags. The CP3 and CP9 are stackable and fit perfectly in a container.

Download specification CP3 – German

Download specification CP3 – English

Download specificaton CP9 – German

Download specification CP9 – English

These pallets are larger versions of the CP1 and CP6 pallets, and are suitable for the same use. The difference here is also in the bottom deck.

Download specification CP4 – German

Download specification CP4 – English

Download specification CP7 – German

Download specification CP7 – English

The smallest CP pallet is mainly used for transport in containers.

Download specification CP5 – German

Download specification CP5 – English

The CP8 pallet is almost identical to the CP9 pallet. The only difference is that the CP8 pallet has a hole in the top deck, which makes the pallet suitable for bottom discharge bigbags.

Download specification CP8 – German

Download specification CP8 – English